• Tobacco

Tobacco produces a strong, characteristic smell. The process airflow from the tobacco industry mainly comes from drying the tobacco leaves. Through central air exhaust systems, all air submitted from the drying process is blown outside. Because this is a very large waste airflow, odour nuisance in the neighbourhood is likely.

Environmentally friendly odour reduction

The tobacco industry attaches great value to its image. Many years ago this industry has taken measures for odour reduction by chemical scrubbers. Meanwhile, there are more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions available such as the Aerox®-Injector.

Best Available Technology

Since 2005 Aerox has cooperated with global players like British American Tobacco and Shanghai Tobacco, fine-tuning the Aerox®-Injector in effectively deodorizing outgoing air from tobacco processing. Dozens of units already have been installed worldwide and proved to enable odour reduction up to 95%. This is why we are appointed as ‘Approved Supplier’ and the Aerox®-Injector as ‘Best Available Technology’ by several governments.

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