Best odour control in animal feed

One of our longest parterships in animal feed.

Rothkötter is very keen to maintain good relationships with the residents around their factories. In 1998 they found Aerox and we supplied our first Aerox®-Injector to the german company. Because of the success in removing the odour from their poultry processing lines, Aerox delivered three more machines in 2001.


Rothkötter performed trials with multiple companies looking for the best odour removal solution.

Even though our Aerox®-Injectors had perfed outstandingly, when opening a brand new factory on a second location Rothkötter decided to perform trials with competing companies. The results found that the Aerox®-Injector was indeed the Best Available Technology in regards to industrial odour removal. Rothkötter decided upon Aerox once again and ordered three more units for their new factory.

Nine Aerox®-Injectors in operation.

Having had our product tested against its competitors Rothkötter is now aware that the Aerox®-Injector is the best industrial odour removal solution on the market. We at Aerox are convinced that Rothkötter will choose our product again when the need arises. Rothkötter operates nine Aerox®-Injectors to this day spread out over two locations. 


About the client

Rothkötter compound feed was founded in 1959 by Franz Rothkötter and has since specialized in the production of pig and poultry feeds for breeding and meat production.

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