Petfood Run

Modern and extensively tested production process

The first pet food producer on Ile de la Réunion chose the Aerox®-Injector to remove odours coming from their pet food production lines.


Being the island’s first company to start producing pet food, Petfood Run aspires to conquer a highly competitive and wholly dependent import market. The plant is dedicated exclusively to producing croquettes, an indispensable product for feeding dogs and cats. This new factory is equipped with a modern manufacturing process and upholds a high technical standard. The process has been tested extensively, also taking pet owners’ opinion into account. Besides becoming the island’s leader in pet food, Petfood Run also strives after some other goals. These include: to find a use for the by-products of the poultry feed industry, to develop a new expertise within the local agro-industry and to propose an alternative to import. An impression of the company can be found here.

Petfood Run
Petfood Run

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Ile de la Réunion, local communities and tourism.

Ile de la Réunion is a wonderful island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. With coastline cities, year around tourism and wildlife, companies are persuaded to produce as eco-friendly as possible. Odour emission is also on the list of nuisances that companies try to avoid. Petfood Run decided upon Aerox as their odour reduction partner because of the sustainability of the Aerox®-Injector.

Odour removal efficiency checked periodically, in compliance ever since.

Since spring 2013, one Aerox®-Injector has been treating the combined airflow coming from the extruder, dryer and the cooler. Due to the small footprint of the system, we were able to install the system inside the factory and connect it to the main duct. The only notable change on the outside is the disappearance of the odours coming from the factory, no changes to the building had to be made. The effectiveness of the odour removal is checked periodically but the machine has performed in compliance to local guidelines ever since.


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