Approved by neighbours, local- and environmental authorities

Expansion of the city led to odour complaints

Mitas, a rubber tyre factory in Prague, faced odour complaints for many years. The factory was build in the 1930’s by Michelin, originally outside of the city. Over the years the factory grew, as did the city of Prague. High flats were built close to the factory as the city expanded. The new residents complained about odour coming from the factory.


Mitas tested several odour reduction technologies for five years and decided upon the Aerox®-Injector.

In search of an odour control solution, Mitas tested several different technologies. None of the technologies tested gave them enough confidence to implement in their production process. In 2005 however, Aerox carried out a pilot test with very promising results. Two compact Aerox®-Injectors were able to treat the airflow coming from two mixing lines and remove almost all of the rubber smell.

Proven effectiveness

After doing the pilot tests, Mitas organized a meeting with their neighbours, the environmental authorities and the major to present our environmentally friendly solution. The contract was signed a week later. Once installed, an independent measuring agency tested and proved the effectiveness and efficiency of the Aerox®-Injectors. The units have been working without any problems since 2006 and Mitas said they are very happy with the odour reduction achieved.


About the client

Mitas, part of the Trelleborg group, is one of Europe´s leading tyre brands for agricultural machines and construction and material handling vehicles.

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