Odour control with two Aerox-Injectors

Aerox has provided the Grobest aqua feed factory in China with a flexible and sustainable odour control solution.

Grobest Shunde is an aqua feed factory in China that produces fish feed on two extruder lines as well as shrimp feed on three pellet lines. In 2011 the Grobest group requested us to perform on-site pilot tests for their factory in China.


Odour control with two units

The Grobest Group wanted prove that the Aerox®-Injector could reduce the smell of the five production lines without requiring many machines. Together with Grobest Shunde we came up with the solution to join all the process air into one closed plenum. By installing a frequency controlled (low pressure) fan, which extracts the air from the plenum, the factory would only have to install two Aerox®-Injectors to treat all of the process air. Being satisfied with our technology, Grobest decided to also install an Aerox®-Injector in their factory in India.

Flexible odour control

These units, as well as the fan, can run on several capacities. Therefore Grobest can switch the machine to a lower capacity when fewer production lines are in operation. By doing so, energy consumption is reduced and backflow into lines that are not running is prevented. In the end Grobest needed less machines than they thought and they are offered a flexible and sustainable odour control solution.


About the client

Founded in Taiwan in 1974, our continuous success has seen us grow into a company of 3,500 employees, with offices and operations throughout China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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