British American Tobacco

Outstanding odour reduction in Tobacco

British American Tobacco is very satisfied with our Aerox®-Injector, installing it wherever there is an odour problem.

Tobacco produces a very strong smell, very often the case of complaints. British American Tobacco (BAT) carried out pilot tests at their factory in Serbia to determine the level of odour reduction the Aerox®-Injector provides. The results showed a very high amount of odour reduction which caused BAT to place their first order.

British American Tobacco
British American Tobacco

Two more Aerox®-Injectors

After the successful installation in Serbia in 2006, Aerox was also asked to carry out pilot tests in their factory in Hungary. The cold-plasma technology once again showed outstanding results in reducing tobacco odours. Because of the effectiveness of the Aerox®-Injector and the cooperation provided by Aerox BAT also invited us to look into reducing odours at a factory in the Netherlands. This factory in the Netherlands produces rolling tobacco. While a slightly different product, we again found a effective odour reduction. BAT therefore now has Aerox®-Injectors in operation in three of their factories.


About the client

British American Tobacco plc is a British multinational company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products.

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