Satisfied neighbours

The Aerox®-Injector in Aarhus is driven by a wind direction device to save energy.

AarhusKarlhamn (AAK) is an oil seed processing factory located in a harbor city in Denmark. Since 2006 one Aerox®-Injector has been sufficient to treat all the process air coming from the coolers of the rapeseed production line.


Satisfied Neighbours

Initially AAK installed an 80-meter high chimney. This measure proved insufficient to prevent complaints about oil seed odours. To satisfy the neighbourhood, an Aerox®-Injector was installed outside of the extraction plant and attached to the chimney. The desired odour reduction was achieved and has been ever since.

Energy saving wind device

This Aerox®-Injector is controller by a digital wind direction device. This means that if the wind blows from the factory to the sea, none of the residents will smell the oil seed odours. Therefore the machine can be switched off or turned to a lower capacity. This saves both on operating expenses but also on energy savings. AAK has said that the Aerox®-Injector has met all of their expectations and contact with the Aerox service team has always been pleasant.


About the client

AAK has more than 140 years of experience of innovating and customizing solutions based on vegetable oils and fats.

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