On-site testing

On-site testing
  • On-site testing
  • On-site testing

Odour particles exist in many forms.


In order to be certain our Aerox®-Injector provides the odour reduction required Aerox offers on-site testing. We offer on-site testing in two forms: a suitcase test and a mini test. The suitcase test is used to give an example of the functioning of our final product. The result the suitcase test gives is only an indicative result. Our mini test works as an actual miniature version of the Aerox®-Injector. The mini test is larger than the suitcase test and gives a result closer to the actual Aerox®-Injector. By using the mini test we can see the  effect of the Aerox®-Injector on the particular odour particles. Almost always an independent odour measuring agency is present during the mini test to provide unbiased results. The measuring agency provides data on the total odour emission and the effectiveness of the Aerox®-Injector on different capabilities. Based on this data the Aerox team can provide the best advice to suit the specific odour problem.

If our team cannot travel to your location themselves there is no worry. With our network of distributors and service centres we can perform our on-site testing with local professionals. Our experts in the Netherlands can assist during the testing process from our office in Vleuten. This way we can guarantee the tests are performed successfully and smoothly.

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