Aqua feed

Aqua feed
  • Aqua feed

During the processes in the aqua feed industry large air volumes are emitted containing a lot of smelly components. This can cause annoyance in the surrounding neighbourhood. 

Fish and shrimp feed

In the production process of fish feed the pellets are usually conducted to the dryer through pneumatic transport, after which they fall out from the dryer into the cooler. Odour sources in this process are the flash off of the extruder, transport air, dryer air and cooler air. The amount of air per pellet line that is emitted and should be deodorized depends amongst others whether air is recycled from cooler to the dryer.

Multiple production lines

One compact Aerox®-­Injector can treat the total amount of air coming from a complete production line. In many cases it is even possible to treat combined airflows of multiple production lines with just one Aerox®-Injector.

Satisfied neighbours

We are happy to advise you what technically will be the best odour reduction solution. The injection technology prevents pollution of the Aerox®-­Injector by dust or greasy air. This will guarantee its performance and will keep your neighbours really satisfied. 

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