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Other industries
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In many different industries manufacturing processes cause offensive odours in the process air. The Aerox®-Injector can be the perfect solution to bring back emission of odours to a minimum.

Experience with varying industries

We have experience with many industries and its specific processes, characteristics and demands. Also we have the knowhow of the source and composition of different odours, as well as with scientific tools and processes to investigate the complexity of each unique situation. Relevant regulations and legal requirements hold no secrets for us.

Treating multiple airflows at once

Our revolutionary non-thermal plasma technique can treat all kinds of offensive odours. In many cases we can bring multiple airflows together into one duct. By doing this, we can treat the air of several production lines at once. Depending on the kind of odour and its volume, one compact Aerox®-Injector can treat up to 220.000 m3/h process air.

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