Oil seed

Oil seed
  • Oil seed

In the late nineties, Aerox already developed solutions to get rid of odours from oil seed processing. This industry gains oil and meal out of the seeds of grains. The oil is used in the feed and food industry, but can also be used to produce biodiesel or bioethanol.

Treating process air

Gaining oil from seeds starts with squeezing the oil out of the seeds by presses. The remaining oil is extracted out of the seeds applying hexane as a solvent or by another press (‘cold pressing’). The remains of the seeds can be pelletized or milled. Drying and cooling of these pellets or meal is required. The process air from the preparation and the dryers is smelly and can be treated successfully with the Aerox®-Injector.

Destroying residue odours

In most plants first a wet scrubber removes the water-soluble odours and most of the fine dust particles out of the process air. An Aerox®-Injector is able to destroy the residue odours. After drying, the meal is cooled and also this process air can be treated with the Aerox®-Injector.

Safely dealing with hexane

In the past few years, well-known international companies across Europe installed Aerox®-Injectors for their extraction plants. These companies are convinced that our injection technology is much safer for deodorizing air containing hazardous hexane than other cold plasma techniques.

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