Animal feed

Animal feed
  • Animal feed

The animal feed industry produces a wide variety of feed and grains, applying different raw materials. Especially the cooling air of poultry and pig feed production should be deodorized to prevent complaints.

Milling grains for animals

The animal feed industry has its roots in traditional windmills. Nowadays electric driven pellet mills are applied and grains are cooled mainly in counter flow coolers. To remove dust from the cooling air, usually a bag house filter is used which can meet the current severe dust emission standards. After this the air eventually will be blown outside. 

Measure for odour reduction

Initially the animal feed industry built higher chimneys as a measure for odour reduction. This did not always solve the problems sufficiently, especially because the tonnages of feed per factory increased significantly.

Multiple production lines

Aerox has developed specific odour reduction solutions for the animal feed industry. A factory usually has multiple pellet lines in service with about 15,000 to 25,000 m3/h of cooling air per line. One compact Aerox®-Injector can be installed per pellet line, or different production lines can be joined together and treated with one Aerox®-Injector. In practice, this can be added up to a different amount of lines with a total airflow of up to 220,000 m3/h.

Sustainable solution

Since the Aerox®-Injector can run on different capacities unnecessary power consumption is prevented when not all pellet lines are in service. This benefits the environment and reduces operational costs.

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