Sustainable Odour Control

The Aerox®-Injector is the most sustainable industrial odour control solution. Designed specifically with the environment in mind and the ability to recycle almost any part. All the Aerox®-Injector needs is a relatively small amount of electricity to operate. The Aerox®-Injector has a long lifespan and guarantees sustainable odour control:

-No fuel                 -No water                 -No chemicals                 -No waste (water)

All we need is electricity

Our aim is to run the Aerox®-Injector on as little resources as possible, while keeping the installation as small as possible. Our environmentally friendly odour control system runs completely on electricity and nothing else. Our system is therefore, compared to systems that use fuel, water or chemicals, better for the environment. One of the biggest advantages of our cold plasma technology is that the ionization process starts at room temperature, usually combustion is achieved at much higher temperatures. Therefore in our system relatively little electricity is required and the CO2 emission remains low. By continuous research we keep trying to further lower its energy consumption as well as minimizing its size. 

No waste flows

Because of our filtration system the plasma modules need to be renewed only after 8,000 factory hours. When the modules are to be renewed we aim to reuse as much of the modules as possible. The parts that cannot be reused directly are recycled which means that not one part is wasted completely. We are proud our Aerox®-Injector generates no waste, affluent water or residue chemicals whatsoever.

A long-term investment

Thanks to the incredible lifespan of the Aerox®-Injector, we can limit the costs for the environment. The Aerox®-Injector is a long-term investment made by firms all over the globe. Some of our odour control systems have been operating for more than 20 years.

Easy integration

Because our technology is based on the injection principle, it is relatively simple to integrate into the production process. Our Aerox®-Injector does not have to be integrated into the exhaust line but can instead be placed outside of systems that are already in place. This means that no major adjustments are required and also results in a minimal loss of downtime for the production process.



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