Continuous research

With over 25 years of experience with cold plasma injection technology, Aerox has gathered and incorporated a lot of knowledge into our Aerox®-Injectors. Our odour control systems are sold all over the world. Some of our odour control systems have been operating for more than 20 years. That is why the Aerox®-Injector is a proven solution to the global problems of odour.  However, we are always looking for further improvements. The Aerox R&D team is constantly working to improve our Aerox®-Injector. The main focus of our R&D team is on:

Reducing energy costs.

Making our Aerox®-Injector more energy efficient is one of the main staples of our research. Besides bringing down the Aerox®-Injector’s (already low) operating expenses, a second goal is to reduce our impact on the environment. The Aerox®-Injector is already the most sustainable odour abatement solution on the market but we aim to make it even greener!

Increasing odour abatement effectiveness.

While our Aerox®-Injector is proven to effectively treat odours in several markets, there are also odours that are more resilient to our cold plasma treatment. Our researchers are therefore working on increasing the effectiveness of our cold plasma but also on combining our technology with other applications.

Finding ways to improve our service quality.

Our high service quality is one of the driving factors behind our success. In order to keep our service quality up to the standard our clients have gotten used to, our researchers are finding new ways to improve it. This is done through a combination of client feedback and incorporating new technological innovations.

Making the Aerox compliant to the client’s needs.

We understand that every factory and every process is different. With our experience in the market we have had to alter our products to work in different environments, different electricity situations and on new processes. We find that you, as a customer, know best about your own factory. Therefore Aerox works closely with its clients to deliver the best industrial odour control on the market. 


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