Aerox contributes to VDI standards for odour reduction

Published on 14 July 2016Time to read: 1 minute

Director Sales & Technology Pieter Leenders from Aerox has contributed to the VDI standards for odour reduction by cold plasma: the technology behind the Aerox®-Injector. The VDI standards are the leading standards in Germany and many other European countries for suppliers of installations and technical processes.

The new VDI standards (VDI-2441) were officially released in spring 2016. Four years ago, Aerox was already invited to take part in the workgroup responsible for writing the new standards. As a producer of odour reduction systems it’s not mandatory to comply with these standards. However, many important clients set them as a condition in their tender process to be assured of the highest quality.

VDI bible for technicians

“It’s a big honour for Aerox to be invited into the VDI workgroup”, Pieter Leenders says. “Many technicians consider the VDI standards as their bible. The invitation means that Aerox is a leading supplier of non-thermal plasma injection technology worldwide. Naturally, our product complies with the standards we contributed to ourselves.”

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