A partnership for over 20 years

Odor complaints from the neighborhood made Vobra decide to look for a odor reduction solution.

In 1998 Vobra had two small pet food production lines in their first location. Odor complaints from neighbors made the pet food supplier take action to minimize their odor emission. After looking at options, Vobra found Aerox and decided to try our non-thermal plasma injection technology. One of the reasons for choosing the non-thermal plasma technology was because it is sustainable, a feature which Vobra holds in high account.


Because of high amount of odor particles, Vobra decided to go with the Aerox®-Injector.

At the time Aerox was one of the only suppliers of non-thermal plasma technology. We were able to carry out on-site pilot tests determining the effectiveness and efficiency of odor control for this specific problem. Odor measurements, taken by an independent agency, found a high amount of odor units removed from the exhaust air. Because of the good results Vobra decided to purchase two Aerox®-Injectors.

Vobra is very happy with our machine, granting us a service rating of 9 out of 10.

In building a new factory on a different location Vobra decided to install an Aerox®-Injector once again to reduce odor emissions. This time we installed one of our newer XG units which had an even higher effectiveness in removing odor particles. Later another machine was added to the new factory when Vobra decided to add a second extruder line. To this day Vobra is very happy with our machine and our service rating us at 9 out of 10. Aerox is happy with our successful partnership already lasting over 20 years.


About the client

Vobra produces both high-quality extruded or pressed dog and cat food for its own brands, as well as for many satisfied Private Label customers.

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